Wednesday, December 3, 2008

RFID Solutions for Parking Control Systems

It is a jungle out there. An asphalt jungle. Parking lot operators, whether public or private, face a number of challenges such as:

* accurately identify and authorize vehicle movement

* collect and record vehicle movement data

* analyze traffic patterns to maximize facility utilization

* increase security within the parking facility

* manage staffing for peak traffic periods

* relieve congestion

* improve customer service

Function description:
This system has the following detailed functions:
1. Easily used
2. Flexible
3. Long life
4. Exact identification of internal car, external car an special car
5. Real time charging of parking fee and other relevant fees to increase profit
6. Charging customer of long parking period in advance
7. Prevent the event of charging rejection
8. Prevent event of non legal charge
9. Automatic design, fast entry and exit of car
10. Save expense of management of the parking area, improving working efficiency and economical benefit

Basic function and characteristic:

1. Water proof, anti-static, anti-magnetic,no scrape,large data volume, high encryption and multi-function

2. Free of contact, convenient operation

3. Optimize the management of budget, automatically generate various report

4. Automatically distribute card for temporary car, decrease human operation

5. Special car ID recording and displaying system, greatly increase the function of anti-theft

6. Automatically indicate while the card is not enough

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